Studio report from Todd Hansen

Todd Hansen (King Parrot, The Berzerker) has finished recording his war drums in Australia for the upcoming release!

“I’ve recently completed drums for my 3rd album with Wolvesblood, and
the first under the Supreme Act Of War moniker.  Once again, I
recorded my tracks in Brisbane, Australia at Neon Studios with the
always awesome Ean Redman.  This record presented it’s own set of
challenges, not only musically, but physically and mentally. Most of
the songs came together quite well using the same formula as with
previous albums where Wolvesblood sends through demos with programmed drums as a guide. Kinmen Bombardment gave me some grief having quite a mechanical feel, and some of the programmed beats in the demo were a little tough to replicate. But after some modifications and plenty of time to practice, the end result is pleasing. Thunderbolt Razorback was also a challenge to learn, as was the Tom Sawyer cover.

The other challenge was of course navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ups and downs that went along with the ever changing situation. But you roll with the punches, and after a few changes in plans we have
finally completed the drums after about 12 months, and the extra time
and lack of deadlines really made for a seamless recording process
which I feel shines through in these drum tracks. I’m excited to hear
this record once it’s completed!”