Remembering that time I went to wrestling training in Japan.

Being a life long wrestling fan, a few years ago I decided to try out some wrestling training in Japan. It was at Taka Michinoku’s Kaientai Dojo, not far from Tokyo. I have to say, I had a hell of a time! I found I was able to do the bit where you get thrown into the corner, but grab the ropes and jump up to let an opponent run under you quite well, but couldn’t do a kip up for the life of me, despite being able to do one easily when I was much younger. One thing that surprised me though is just how much more rigid the ropes are than they seem. If you bounce into them the wrong way, you’ll be feeling it! Also the amount of cardio these guys and gals do is incredible! We did this one exercise involving a piece of wood and after 100 of them I thought it was a great workout. They told me when they train on their own they normally do 1000 of them.

All the wrestlers and staff were incredibly friendly and cool, showed me around and we even got some clowning around pics, and my alter-ego Pete Mysterio Sr. finally got to appear in a wrestling ring, thank you all!

Pete Mysterio Sr.,
Professional Jobber