Recommended game for military enthusiasts!

I plan to one day build full size replica tanks out of wood. In the meantime, this Tank Mechanic Simulator game will have to do.

You probably need to be big into WWII tanks and their intracasies to enjoy this. For instance, if you’ve ever wondered what the latches/doors near the roller wheels on a panzer iii are and other assorted tank function questions, you’ll find them out by playing this game (spoiler, they’re escape hatches).

Gameplay wise, it’s not much different than Car Mechanic Simulator, with the exception of the addition of locating tanks via different types of ground radar and digging them up. You’ll find American, German & Russian tanks and halftracks, kind of surprised to see nothing British…and some Italian tanks would’ve been nice too. Hopefully, we’ll see some in as add-ons later, in the meantime at least we have some overlap with the Sherman M4A3E8 and the British Firefly.

Once you’ve dug up, sandblasted, primed, painted and replaced the missing/broken parts of your tank, you can display it in a museum, which is a cool feature, along with finding other smaller WWII artifacts you’ll find when digging. There are a few minor bugs that happen in the game though, like often crashing when going to an excavation (it’ll work fine after restarting the game though), and placing decals on the tanks to get them ready for the museum often doesn’t work properly, but hopefully these will get patched.

And yes, I will be platinuming this game!

S.A.W. / Video Game Tank Mechanic