Yong-ho from Sahon is the latest guest announced on the new S.A.W. album!

Yong-ho from Sahon (South Korea, Thrash) will be making a guest vocal appearance on the song ‘Geobukseon’ on the upcoming Supreme Act of War album ‘Divisions of the Night’. Sahon and S.A.W. (then called Visions of the Night) first met on tour in Taiwan, and then toured South Korea together the following year.

Yong-ho’s mad metal vocal stylings will bring some additional chaos to the album!

Trivia note: Geobukseon is the Korean word for their famous turtle ships. Yong-ho taught Wolvesblood how to say it correctly after not only pronouncing it wrong, but even having the wrong amount of syllables causing alot of vocal phrasings in the song needing to be completely reworked!