What the songs on the upcoming album are about.

Just a quick rundown of the subjects of the new songs:

Day of Triumph: A solider returns from war and questions if it was all worth it.

Enemy Propaganda: From news headlines to opinion pieces to polls , it’s not meant to inform you, it’s all meant to push a narrative.

Thunderbolt Razorback: About the US P-47 WWII plane. This song also pays homage to Bolt Thrower in the stylings of the first half.

Kinmen Bombardment: Is about the 1958 artillery bombing of Kinmen, Taiwan by communist Chinese forces and Taiwan overcoming it.

Plague of Crowns: My experiences during covid almost getting fired from job for not getting the vaccine, being refused service and dealing with power hungry tyrants.

Geobukseon: About the Korean turtle ships and their commander Yi Sun Shin.

Five Demands (not one less): Is about the Hong Kong protests.

Distraction Issues: How the media uses distraction topics to veer your attention away from more important stories

Tom Sawyer: An extreme metal cover of Tom Sawyer by Rush.

Until the last soldier falls: A banzai charge.

Going to be releasing some audio clips from each song in the coming weeks!