The return of Remechanized?

I got a message this weekend asking about Remechanized (for those who don’t know, Remechanized was the name given to a project that made Industrial/weird remixes of Visions of the Night material). There was only one release, it didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it, and to be brutally honest with everyone, it wasn’t that well received by most people, but a few diehards did indeed appreciate the different approach.

Coincidently, earlier in the week I was messing around with Enemy Propaganda (see the Jan. 18, 2024 blog entry if you’re not up to speed), trying different techniques and ideas with it and they sounded amazing enough to make me want to give the whole side project another go! Not sure if it’ll be just one song or an ep, and I’m not even going to guess when it’ll be completed, let alone released, but it will return!