New site, new name!

Reasons for rebranding and a new beginning of sorts

A name change has actually been on the backburner for almost a decade now, starting with the Guerrillas Within Their Midst release. The main reason is that most new people hear the moniker Visions of the Night, they tend to think it’s a Gothic Metal or rock style judging by the name alone. Additionally, bands like Visions of Atlantis and Nightwish didn’t exist when we first started (or in the case of Nightwish, unknown at that point).

When Guerrillas Within Their Midst was about to be released, I almost changed the band name to ‘Divisions of the Night’, I kept the old name because I wanted to prove I could put out a better album under the VotN name despite all the line up changes, moreover, I wasn’t sure if there would be another album after that.

When the VotN album ‘Supreme Act of War’ was about to be released, I was still interested in a name change, but no longer wanted the band to be called ‘Divisions of the Night’, I now preferred Supreme Act of War as a band name, but believed it wouldn’t be worth the hassle since I thought it was going to be my final release. I instead used Supreme Act of War as the album title rather than as a band name.

Fast forward to 2023 and I still think the name of Supreme Act of War is an ideal band name for this style of extreme metal. There’s no doubting that what you’re going to hear is going to be heavy or not. Furthermore, this will not be my final album.

I know in the short term, changing a band name after so many years will be difficult and in many ways, it’s like having to start all over again with zero name recognition. But after a few years and a lot of hard work, it should be worth it.

Thanks in advance to all those who will continue to follow us on our new warpath!